Evacuation: Portal

After I murdered the helpless wizard, things quickly went downhill. His blood mixed with the woman’s in the circle. I suspect this might have strengthened the spell because two imps were summoned when the old man opened the door. The imps hit hard, and I hope the summoning spell was short term because we left one of them alive. After searching the apartment, we decided to go back because too much time had been spent trying to save an old man who didn’t want to be saved. I guess that’s what happens when I try to be assertive and commanding.

Theril, Marri, and I got back just as they were opening it. Joshua, Damala, and Fingers arrived also, as did Kelwyn, Rakir, and E-927. The first two had acquired goods from an abandoned store. The latter group had rescued villagers from fiery bats. Both had done better than me.

Before we entered the portal, Termis gave us a bag of dirt. Apparently the dirt can be used to open the portal back. It seems useless to me, why would we want to return to the conquered lands we worked so hard to flee? The portal was also somehow magically assaulted by Vremen when we went through it, and I believe Termis gave his life to save us.

The other side of the portal was a horrible desert. Termis had not made it through, and we were the last ones. Termis wouldn’t be the one to lead the survivors in creating a new town. I’m not even going to try, I don’t have the forceful personality necessary to be a good leader and I’m sure it’s a thankless job. I believe the job will fall onto the potion master. It’s funny, I don’t even know his name.

Most of us have decided to go exploring. We need to find better areas for the new city to be established. I believe Rakir and Kelwyn are staying behind to help digging wells. Karagahle will be going with us. She is a halfling woman that Joshua, Damala, and Fingers helped locate her daughter. Personally, I think she should stay to take care of her daughter, but I’m not a mother.



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