Damala is a character in the ongoing adventure.

Personality Traits

Damala is always on edge, unless she’s performing. She has deep desire for peace and to be accepted and have friends. She has no knowledge of etiquette and is self-concious about it, preferring to keep her mouth shut around those higher up the social ladder. She is fawning and subservient by nature, having learned that is the way to avoid tough situations. She has also learned to mask her intelligence and talents in order to seem as unimportant as possible. She has a deep love of music, no matter where it is from, but has a special love of elven art.

Mannerisms & Appearance

Damala has dark red skin and a two and a half foot long tail. Her tail is covered with smooth, small scales, which also appear in a mottled pattern on her legs. Her hair is jet black and long. Two curved, devil-like horns grow from the crown of her skull, a third, smaller horn grows from the middle of her forehead. Her dark brown eyes are completely ordinary. Her tongue is forked, but thick as a normal human’s, which makes it difficult for her to sing more complex songs. Due to her background she has a tendency to swing her hips more than necessary when she walks.

Damala typically wears tight leather armor that leaves her thighs and shoulders bare. It looks like more of a stage costume than real armor. She wears knee high boots with a noticeable heel that once again appear to be more appropriate for a burlesque show than battle. Over it she wears a beat up old black cloak that she prefers to have fastened tight about her with the hood up. An ornate scimitar set with fake gems and a shortbow are her obvious weapons, a flute is tucked into the belt of her armor and a lyre and shield are over her back.


Damala was found by a patrol of mercenaries at the campsite of a group of bandits they had been dispatched to deal with. Her parents were counted among the dead outlaws and it was only that the mercenary who found her had recently lot his own child that her life was spared. The man brought her to the nearest town, a sleepy city called Halmern, and found an orphanage in the roughest section of town willing to take her. She was raised there by strict taskmasters who were not shy about reminding her of her unwanted heritage.

When she was still a girl the orphanage found a bar willing to take her as a cleaning girl for most of the day – a place named Sour Jack’s. Damala learned there how angry and violent men and women could be when drunk and learned to stay out of the way. The bar was one of the seediest places in town, and the waitresses doubled as lounge singers and burlesque dancers. Damala found herself entranced with how the women could make the rowdiest crowd stop their arguing and pay attention to them up on the stage.

When she was still a teenager the orphanage evicted her, claiming she was too old to stay there. Having no other prospects Damala asked the owner of the bar if she could be promoted to a waitress there. Having spent most of her spare time imitating the songs they sang in secret, she had become quite skilled at singing, although she had problems with the faster tempos due to the odd shape of her tongue. The owner, who was a shrewd businessman, looked her up and down and realized she was a natural “heel” to play against the most popular of his performers – getting defeated in sword dances, used as an example of the worst sort of scum in the songs, and generally mistreated and laughed at in all her big numbers. One of the owner’s favorite things was to make her try to sing the songs that her tongue couldn’t handle, and the crowd loved to boo her off stage when she messed them up.

After a few years she had a bit of reputation as something halfway between an exotic dancer and a carnival freak, but she started to find it unfulfilling. After a particularly hostile group of dragonborn seemed ready to pull her off the stage and lynch her for messing up a hymn to Bahamut she realized she had to find something else to do with her life. Unfortunately her bad luck struck again and she quit her job just a few days before Vremen’s Army arrived. She volunteered for the local militia and stands ready to protect her home as best she can, hoping that if she fights bravely enough she might even get a chance to be accepted into a more prestigious theater.


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