Dwarves are stocky, short humanoids who dwell in the mountains and beneath the earth.

Dwarves in Lanthas

Lanthan dwarves are some of the finest craftsmen in the world. Their weapons and armor are sought after by nearly every other civilization. Attempts have been made to steal the secrets of their smelting and forging processes, but all have failed—only the Dwarves can survive the choking air of the magma forges, and only they can live amid the dizzying heights and frigid temperatures of the mountains they inhabit.

Dwarves breed slowly, and have little need for what the lowland races consider precious, so they rarely go to war. When they do, it is generally a matter of honor, and it is always devastating to their enemies.

Occasionally, Dwarves will leave their homeland to seek their fortunes among the other races. For this reason, they can be found just about anywhere if one looks hard enough.

There do not appear to be any dwarves in The New World.


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