Elves are a race who, legends say, are descended from the otherworldly fae. They exist in both Lanthas and The New World.

Lanthan Elves

Elves from Lanthas generally dwell in tribal societies in deep forests the world over. Due to their small numbers and lack of competition for resources, they are generally on friendly terms with the human governments that claim their territory.

While not strictly nomadic, the tribes often move from place to place and consider themselves sovereign peoples. In times of war, they are quick to ally with the humans whose lands they share. Though often seen as a separate people, the elven tribes are generally held in high esteem by their neighbors.

Some elves choose to live among human society, and generally do well there. Tarnis, notably, has had a tradition of keeping Elven blood in the royal family, perhaps owing to that nation’s heavily forested landscape.

Elves in The New World

In The New World, elven society is divided into nomadic tribes of herdsmen. They are universally revered for their unique ability to influence the weather. Powerful druids spend their entire lives channeling primal energy into great rainclouds. Though they have little ability to control where these eternal storms go, the tribes have gotten used to life on the move, and are constantly following and maintaining these storms. All other races allow them free passage through their lands, and view the storms (which are the source of most of the precipitation in the desert) as an invaluable gift.

Dark Elves

Though supposedly only a legend in Lanthas, the Drow are alive and well in The New World. They are a wayward tribe of Elves who tried to control their storm rather than reverently tending it, and accidentally warped it into something twisted. Their obsidian-black skin seems to shield them from the sunlight to some extent, so many are able to leave their tribes and seek work as mercenaries or assassins. Money is the primary motivator in their society, as they no longer have a healthy storm as a bargaining chip, and those elves who stay with the tribe must pay or fight their way through others’ lands.

Player Characters

*Yiviansey *Kelwyn *Theril (Half-elf)


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