Gods in The New World

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Avandra (good)

Avandra is the goddess of rains, fertile lands, and nomads. She watches over those who would brave the sands. Her worshippers condemn the complacent. Elves revere her alongside Melora.

Bahamut (lawful good)

Bahamut has fallen out of favor in the mainstream, but Dragonborn consider him a creator deity (however distant), and small, severely devoted cults and sects pop up from time to time. He is often the head of movements that bill him as a redeemer or savior, then when he fails to provoke any change in the state of things, he slips back into relative obscurity. Still, he holds on, and in times of prosperity, he is often as not viewed as having fought off disaster for one more day.

Corellon (unaligned)

Corellon is the god of the arts, magic, and music. The Janni hold him in high regard, as do many halflings.

Erathis (unaligned)

Erathis is a common name in Halfling households. Erathis opposes Avandra and Melora, and her followers believe that the desert land can be tamed and overcome.

Ioun (unaligned)

Many secrets are held in the wastelands. Ioun is thought of as the keeper of the past, and archaeologists and even grave robbers would do well to keep his name in their hearts. Those who disappear unexpectedly in the desert (such as during a dust storm) are thought to have been favored by the goddess of secrets.

Kord (unaligned)

Kord is the bringer of sandstorms, the sharpener of swords, and the harshness of desert life that brings strength or death. He is tempermental, and most worshippers seek to appease him.

Melora (unaligned)

Melora is responsible for the desert’s serenity and beauty. She fills even the brightest, hottest places with life, and in a world of extremes, she is the soft lens that can make a person stand back and appreciate it all.

The Raven Queen (unaligned)

The Raven Queen is universally revered by all who live under the corrupting light of the sun. The undead are a major problem, and she generally leads the way in established religion. Halflings may speak of Erathis at home, but it is to the Raven Queen that they make their sacrifices. She is (relative to the nonevil population) extremely powerful here, but the opposition always seems to be one step ahead…an odd tradition that has arisen is that the raven queen is often confused or colluded (or associated) with Sehanine, as those who die at night often don’t return to bother the living. Many call the two sisters.

Sehanine (unaligned)

Sehanine is often called “The Bright Sister,” and is considered to fill the sky with a moon and stars, while the firmament around it is called the “Dark Sister’s Cloak.” Sehanine’s religion is less formalized than The Raven Queen’s, but she gets a sort of free ride by merely associating with her sister’s processions.

Gods in The New World

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