A nation far to the Southeast, Gredylt has a rich and eventful history as a place of dramatic highs and lows owing mostly to its proximity to busy shipping lanes and warlike neighbors. Five years ago, Vremen Shas staged a coup and siezed control of the nation, overthrowing the old government and crowning himself Wizard-King. He has refitted the nation’s sizable army to take advantage of the enormous repertoire of arcane power now at the nation’s disposal. The shadowy Silver Horse Society has siezed control of the highest levels of the army, and display an alarming level of talent so far as the art of magic is concerned.

Soldiers of Gredylt

The army has undegone drastic changes since Vremen assumed power. Though Gredylt has long had a tradition of arcane warfare, the focus on magic among its fighting men and women has increased exponentially in the past few years.

The bulk of the army is made up of acolytes, soldiers armed with basic spellcasting skills and long knives. For martial power they tend to rely on small numbers of enormous golems to crush through enemy defenses. Additionally, they maintain a comparitively large a cadre of elite spellcasters, whose superior maneuverability and powerful volleys of spells put most archers to shame.

Gredylt mages, both male and female, tend to wear extravagant makeup to signify their status. Aspects of the design vary for each individual, and on the battlefield, they help with personal identification at a distance. Certain combinations of color and pattern indicate rank and specialization, though the exact meaning behind it is not well known outside of Gredylt’s own ranks.


A Gredylt Mage was killed by Yiviansey in 613 CE on the 22nd day of the Month of Erathis. The Mage in question had won a mage’s duel by a narrow margin and crashed into a tenement building. Upon entering, the party discovered that the apartment was inhabited by some sort of Warlock, who had sacrificed his wife in some vile ritual. The Mage’s blood mingled with the sacrificial victim’s, apparently modifying the ritual in some way.


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