Halflings are small humanoids that share much in common with their taller cousins. To compensate for their lack of size, they tend to develop quick wits from an early age, and get by in battle by always making sure to have a plan B, or by packing an inordinate amount of rage and bloodlust into their tiny bodies.

Halflings in Lanthas

Lanthan halflings have integrated fully into human society. The two races can breed (the children generally wind up being the race of the mother), they share languages and religions, and both contribute greatly to each other’s survival. Halflings are excellent farmers, and their natural agility and cheery attitude can make them invaluable assets on voyages at sea. They can be found in all walks of life, and many other races simply think of them as smaller humans.

Halflings in The New World

Without human muscle to protect them, New World halflings have developed a society that is quite different from the Lanthans’. Only they are able to grow enough food to support large city-states, and because of this, they are both an invaluable ally and a tempting target. They have therefore become adept at setting cunning traps and even diving into combat—most New World halflings are comfortable with a weapon, and in times of trouble, can easily form huge militias to defend what is theirs.

Of course, having the largest trading network in the world means there’s usually a friend or two around when you need one, as well…


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