Joshua Davidson

Background: Joshua Davidson was an apprentice blacksmith, and had his life all planned out. He would finish his apprenticeship, start his own blacksmith shop, find a wife, and have lots of babies. All of that changed one fateful day when Joshua met Delia, daughter of the Gimwood chief constable, William Cormiros. They were instantly in love, and Joshua revised his plan, putting the wife and babies before apprenticeship and blacksmith shop. Sure it would be tough, but they could get by until he had established himself.

Unfortunately, Delia’s father thought that his daughter was much too high born to wind up a blacksmith’s wife. When Delia refused to accept her father’s wishes, he planned to arrest Joshua and frame him for some crime. Delia couldn’t marry him when he was locked away in a dungeon somewhere. William miscalculated when he sent only two men to arrest Joshua, for he had forgotten that not only was Joshua strong from hours working the forge, his master was the best weaponsmith in the city and often trained Joshua in the use of the masterpieces he helped create. Joshua successfully escaped the arrest attempt, but killed to of the constable’s men in the process. He knew he was a dead man if he stayed in Gimwood, so he left his master a letter to deliver to Delia promising that he would return for her, and set out to find his fortune.

When Joshua received the news that Gimwood had burned at the hands of Vremen Shas, he thought he would feel pain. Instead, he feels nothing. The only thing that drives away the numbness that washes over him and threatens to drown him is thoughts of vengeance. Thoughts of killing Vremen, or at least taking as many of his men as possible with him to hell are all that fill the vacant spot where his heart used to be.

Appearance: Joshua is a large man, as any apprentice blacksmith should be. His hair, the color of a red-hot piece of iron, is always pulled back away from his face and tied with a leather cord. His armaments, a plain but extremely well made greatsword and utilitarian scale male armor, are always in pristine condition. When he is lost in thought or memories, he usually begins to sharpen his sword. Sometimes while sharpening, a cold and vicious smile comes to his face as he appears to think of something he would enjoy doing with that sword.

Personality: Joshua valued hard work and competition, and was always quick to laugh and slow to anger. That was before. Now he cares little for anything other than somehow making Vremen Shas pay for his crimes. He is most often quiet, seeming to disappear into his memories when left alone for any time.

Joshua Davidson

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