Kelwyn is a half elf of average build. He is fair skinned, with green eyes and wild shoulder length auburn hair. He appears human for the most part, but his perpetually-young features and slightly pointed ears betray his heritage. He dresses in the garb of a woodsman: simple garments of rough cloth in earthen colors. If travelling or likely to engage in combat, he dons hide armor made of a large dark grey wolf’s pelt with silver streaks running through it. He has a few knives of different lengths attached to his belt, for skinning, building shelters, and a myriad other uses. In addition to the standard equipment carried by any traveller, he carries a mace and a longbow.

Kelwyn prefers to be in beast form whenever practical. He enjoys assuming the form of all sorts of animals, but leans toward a grey wolf more than anything else. Nothing compares to abandoning his clumsy humanoid form and feeling the earth under his paws as he sprints through the wilderness.

Generally, Kelwyn is quick to laugh, and has a strong curiosity for almost everything. He would be equally happy dicussing the planting rotation a particular farmer uses in his fields as he would discussing the matters of state that a noble must attend to (although he would know much more about the former). The events as of late have tempered his light-hearted demeanor. While his core personality is still there, there is a distinct sadness and weariness in his eyes that wasn’t there before he encountered the armies of Vremen.

Kelwyn feels more comfortable in natural surroundings, and doesn’t like to stay indoors or underground for longer than he has to. When travelling he would generally prefer to make camp outside the city limits versus sleeping in an inn. Of course, unless he is travelling with non-druid companions, “making camp” is as simple as transforming into a wolf and finding some natural shelter to sleep under.


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