Tieflings are the product of human proximity to evil outsiders, usually devils. They elude definite classification, as their appearances vary as widely as the hosts of hell they are descended from. Many are almost human, with some out of place feature like horns, odd skin tones, or obviously inhuman eyes, while others are more obvious, with long, muscular tails and deep red or black skin.

Many Tieflings have at least one human parent. The taint of the inferno often subtly lingers in a bloodline, only occasionally producing an obvious specimen, much to the chagrin of all involved. Occasionally, unscrupulous warlocks will agree to carry a demon child in exchange for power, and still other tieflings are born into families for no reason anyone can discern at all.

Social and Legal Concerns

Tieflings are rarely welcome anywhere and usually either live as vagabonds, or settle into a sedentary life among those to whom they’ve proven themselves trustworthy. The International Guild of Magic has decreed that no Tiefling shall be granted membership, though that certainly doesn’t stop the occasional Tiefling from taking up the wizard’s mantle—usually when no one is looking.

Tieflings in Shade

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