While there are modern Golems fueled by the magic in Vremen’s army, these machines hold no sentience as the Warforged creations who were originally created centuries ago.

Developed in forges harnessing vast amount of arcane energies, the powerful sorcerers breathed life and sentience into contructs made of fiberous organics and hard plated steel. Used as foot soldiers for mageorcratic civilizations lacking the proper martial prowess, these Warforged soldiers were all but mercenary slaves sold to their arcane masters on both sides of a long waging war.

As the ancient wars raged on, they devastated much of their world on the surface, causing many to flee to the underground caverns of the mountains. With the safety of the earth itself protecting them the Warforged were defenders of the newly created relams. Although still slaves to their magical masters, the warforged were begining to embrace their sentience, becoming more aware of their condition. They attempted to fight back against their slavers. In the warforged uprising the machines banded together as a single force, bringing the mountains down upon themselves and those who would choose to contain their freedom.

Now locked away beneath the earth, the arcane creations and the corpses of their masters lay in wait, as the world above evolves and grows.

Should the mistakes of the past be repeated these magical beings are a reminder to the devastating truth of what will be, should the powers of the gods fall into the hands of mortal beings. *


Shade Honez